Shared Hosting Linux

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Starter Hosting
For Small Offices
26 /month
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  • DISK
    512MB SSD
  • TLD
    1 Domains
    5 Emails
  • DATA
    1TB Bandwidth
Advanced Hosting
For Professionals
48.00 /month
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  • DISK
    1GB SSD
  • TLD
    2 Domains
    10 Emails
  • DATA
    2TB Bandwidth
Bussiness Hosting
For Bussiness owners
79.00 /month
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  • DISK
    2GB SSD
  • TLD
    5 Domains
    15 Emails
  • DATA
    5TB Bandwidth
Mega Hosting
For Small Offices
129 /month
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  • DISK
    10GB SSD
  • TLD
    10 Domains
    50 Emails
  • DATA
    10TB Bandwidth
Multi Hosting
For MultiHoster
179.00 /month
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  • DISK
    20GB SSD
  • TLD
    20 Domains
    100 Emails
  • DATA
    30TB Bandwidth
Ultimate Hosting
For Ultimate Developers
210.00 /month
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  • DISK
    Unlimited SSD
  • TLD
    Unlimited Domains
    Unlimited Emails
  • DATA
    Unlimited Bandwidth
dns redundant

Redundant DNS

DNS is a mission-critical service for every enterprise. When DNS fails, or is taken down in an attack, the websites, applications and online services that depend on it effectively disappear from the internet taking revenue and brand reputation down with it. Redundancy at the DNS layer is now a requirement to practically eliminate the risk of application failure due to DNS outages or attacks.

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Remote Daily Backups

Daily backup with Solutionwala ensures your web space against data loss. Security copying to a backup data center is your guarantee for optimal data security - regardless of your choice of solution. The daily remote backup is carried out through a dedicated fiber-optic connection and contains all data from the website, database and emails. If disaster strikes and a system fails all our customers are guaranteed a quick restore from the security copy. A web space with Solutionwala is a secure place to store data.

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monitoring 24/7/365

24/7/365 Monitoring

As we monitor the health of all your essential systems, Solutionwala strives for a 99.999 percent uptime which is the acknowledged industry standard. You will have complete confidence knowing your systems are continuously online and functioning effectively. The initial setup process will be completely transparent with 24×7 support, but also consistent and in-depth reporting on the uptime and health of your systems.

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Why choose Solutionwala for your hosting?

Few reasons to choose solutionwala are as under......

Easy 1-click-installer

1-Click auto installation for popular software including Magento, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and over 300 other scripts.

Superfast Websites

Speed of our cloud servers make your bussiness website super fast to access across the globe. Choose us and see for your self.

Website Migrations

If you are moving from any other hoster to us we will help you migrate your website to us free of cost.

Hosting Technical Specifications

Few of many software we support for are listed below.

Software PLUS
Additional Software
PHP 5.5/5.6/7.0/7.1
MySQL 5.6 Zend Engine
phpMyAdmin 4.6.6 Zend Optimizer
Python 2.6.6 FTPES Supported Zend Guard Loader
PostgreSQL MSSQL Stored Procedures ionCube Loader
Postfix MariaDB CSF Firewall
File System Lock   Roundcube
Softaculous   Tomcat 8
FFMPEG   CloudLinux
Postfix Mail   AntiSPAM
All Specs All Specs All Specs

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

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What is Cloud Hosting?
  • Cloud hosting is the procurement of computing resources from a cloud computing provider or facility to host data, services and/or solutions.

    Cloud hosting is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud delivery model that provides a suite of remote/virtual services. These are delivered on an on-demand basis and hosted on top of a cloud computing infrastructure.

Does Shared Web Hosting include Email Hosting as well?
  • Yes, shared hosting do have Email Hosting as well but how many mail id's you can create depends on what plan you have choosen.

Is an upgrade possible from my current Linux Shared Hosting Plan?
  • Yes, you can any time upgrade or downgrade as per your need from your current plan.

Is there any money back guarantee with the Linux Web Hosting services?
  • No, but we asure you that wouldn't be neccessary for you to ask as we guranty 99.5% of uptime on all our services.